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Dr Charles Leathers

The International Journal of Social Economics is a high quality journal, internationally known, and extremely well edited to assure relevant recent research of high quality and originality. As my academic career has now reached the end, I am proud to have had six articles published in the IJSE - at least two of which represent (in my judgment) the best work that I have done over a career of almost 50 years. Kudos for the Editors and Publisher of the IJSE! I have now been the co-author of 7 articles not 6 in this excellent journal as a forthcoming article has recently been accepted for publication.


It was one of the smoothest processes, excellent communication and good reviews. Too often submitting an article is like sending it into a black hole. I have never felt that way with Emerald.

Dr Iain McPhee

Emerald is committed to producing high quality academic peer-reviewed articles. Publishing with Emerald is prestigious.

Prof. Verica Babic

Good service, fast response, clear instructions, user friendly framework, offering many different services, continual improvement process.

Dr Jacob Brix

I would recommend Emerald because it is an extremely professional publisher offering a great service to authors and advanced search opportunities for readers.

Prof. Marthinus J. Maritz

Emerald is well respected in academia and will positively add status to an author's publication record.

Ms Ashleigh Djachenko

This is my first attempt at publishing academically and I did not expect to be successful. Not only was I successful but the time between first submission, revision and final acceptance was extremely quick. I was given constructive feedback and was fully informed at all stages of the progress of my paper. I could not have asked for a more encouraging first publication experience . I can only hope that future submissions will receive the same professional treatment.

Professor Lee Parker

(RMIT University, Australia)

Editor of Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal

"The Emerald Group of accounting and finance journals offers researchers, policymakers and practitioners a suite of knowledge resources that encompass the full range of contemporary issues of global and local concern.  Both enduring and cutting edge subjects are addressed through innovative research and reflection that exhibits the Emerald commitment to accessibility and application."

Anna Knight

Resources and Facilities Manager

Cranfield University, UK

"Within Cranfield, Emerald journals are regarded as an essential resource for our business and management students. The content is excellent and this view is echoed by employees and students alike. The journals are heavily used and we can demonstrate excellent value for money to the wider university community."

Professor Edwin M. Bridges

Professor Emeritus of Education

Stanford University, USA

"I first had the honour of publishing in the Journal of Educational Administration (JEA) in 1965 as a young scholar, then again as a Professor in the 1970s, and most recently in 2012 as an Emeritus Professor. In my view, the JEA is distinguished by its longevity, international scope of coverage (even before the term globalization was coined), and not least by its commitment to quality research focused in enduring issues of relevance to school leaders."

Mike Wilson


British Automation and Robotics Association, UK

"Industrial Robot provides the latest worldwide information covering application stories and news from our industry as well as papers with the latest developments in technology. This unique publication is the very best source of information for all those wishing to keep up to date to robotics."

Elizabeth Stitt

Library Services Manager

Calderstones Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, UK

"I am happy to recommend the Health and Social Care collection from Emerald Publishing as it is a valuable resource to us as a Forensic Learning Disability Trust. The content is excellent and provides us with quality researched evidence to deliver based care."

Professor Tony Ward

Head of School, School of Psychology

Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

"The Journal of Forensic Practice is essential reading for clinicians and a fantastic addition to forensic professional literature."

Larry Davidson

Professor of Psychiatry

Director, Yale Program for Recovery and Community Health, Yale School of Medicine, USA

"Emerald’s Health and Social Care journals are an excellent resource for students, faculty and perhaps especially practitioners who are looking for relevant research and practice-based evidence that will be useful in their efforts to address health care needs around the world.

In particular, the journals on mental health and addiction are key resources for anyone preparing to enter the fields of social work, psychology, or psychiatry. As an author of numerous articles that have appeared in Advances in Dual Diagnosis, I have had the opportunity to get practice-based findings on addressing both conditions in an integrated fashion out into the field quickly and in a highly accessible format."

Professor Craig Standing

School of Management

Edith Cowan University, Australia

"Emerald is one of the most innovative and proactive academic publishers."

Nohd Nishat Fasial

Assistant Professor

Qatar University

"I like the localized content which is more related to the markets around us. It is more easily understood by students, as the featured companies and environmental settings make it easier for them to related to. It also gives an understanding of the various issues that might be faced by the companies in emerging markets that are different from the issues in developed countries."

Bert van Wee

Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

"They've done it again!... very informative and provides the reader with a lot of insights into institutions, strategies and policy..... This book is a must for all academics and professionals who work in this area and do not yet have the basic knowledge of transports, strategy, policy and institutions."

H. Michael Zhang

University of Iowa, USA

"… This text is a must for researchers and engineers who want the best start possible. It should be recommended reading for all senior classes in transportation and traffic operations."

Piotr Pogorzelski

Communications Officer, EUREKA

"During the process of working on the report, we were also impressed by the abilities of their design and editorial teams and by their skilful project management: taking a proactive role when appropriate. It made the whole undertaking simple and straightforward from end to end. The team were always willing to discuss our exact requirements with us, and went to great lengths to ensure that we got what we wanted. We are delighted with the finished product, which truly reflects the broad scope and proud history of EUREKA– and we look forward to working with Research Media again in the future."

Maxine Ficarra

Executive Director, PraxisUnico

"The bespoke microsite created by Research Media for the 2014 PraxisUnico Conference is an invaluable tool for our members and stakeholders. Our expectations were far exceeded by the visually stimulating, easy-to-use and informative site.

Research Media clearly demonstrated the skills that they retain in-house throughout this project, understanding our needs and ensuring a seamless process, innovative design and engaging copy. Both the team and approach were highly professional.

We are delighted with the final result which truly reflects the theme of the conference – Excellence in Practice."

Marie Curie Actions & FP7 People

IAPP, Project Coordinator, Agricultural University of Athens

"I was approached by William Todd of Research Media to feature our European Marie Curie project in the International Innovation publication which had a number of articles on the Horizon2020 initiative. The production process was smooth and efficient despite the many partners within the consortium needing to be included in the approval process.

The final product is wonderful and communicates the methodologies used and potential societal impact of the project in a clear and concise way. All my partners within the consortium and I are very happy with the service and shall be posting the article on our social media channels while also sending a copy to our project officer at the commission."

Diane Hanano

MAGNET Programme Coordinator, University of British Columbia, Canada

"This is the second time we have chosen to publish with International Innovation. As before, we were impressed with the professionalism of the editors and the quality of the final articles. The writers and designers have a special talent for choosing all the right words and images to convey our story in a clear and compelling way that will appeal to a wide audience."

Project Manager


"The design and layout of our contribution to International Innovation was very well done and the enormous amount of information contained in the project was accurately captured."

Peter G Kevan

FRSC, FRES, FSB - University of Guelph

"Our collaboration with International Innovation was rapid, clear and highly professional. We were able to use the article to explain our technology simply to many others around the world. It has been used to help in writing national and international grant applications, adding collaborators in research and production agriculture, and most recently in helping establish the publicly traded company, Bee Vectoring Technologies International (BVT Inc.) on the Toronto Stock Exchange."


EBA Project

“The outcome of our contribution has been excellent; we have been approached by many journalists and TV programmes for further details on our research and the President of the Italian CNR and the Director of our Institute have clearly expressed their interest. We look forward to further collaboration with International Innovation!”

Marc Jansen

Global Manager, Learning and Talent,

“Our Dynamic Toolkit has helped us move from a training culture, which previously existed, to a proactive learning culture. Our employees get the learning they need from a 5 minute video or article, rather than travelling to a full day training course.”

Hamish Watson

HR Director at ScottishPower

“As a learning tool, Your Development Toolkit allows employees to drive their own learning, providing instant ‘performance support’ whenever employees have a specific development need.”

Matt James

Global Head of Online Professional Development, International Baccalaurate

“GoodPractice consistently produce creative solutions which have added real value to our e-learning resources. They never offer ‘one-size fits all’ solutions, but will provide different learning formats and media which are bespoke and inspiring.”

Sian Murphy

Content and Learning Manager, Virgin Media

“That's one of the best things: I know the GoodPractice team have always got my back and will be there to support our people whenever we need it.”

Zoe Irvine

Management and employees Development Adviser, University of Portsmouth

“GoodPractice has forged a terrific relationship with the University of Portsmouth. They are always professional, reliable and approachable, ensuring we get the best use out of our Toolkit. They have a good understanding of Higher Education and the unique pressures, in particular ensuring resources are relevant to academic, research and support employees. As a customer, they provide the right level of contact, keeping me abreast of new developments and offering a quality service.”

Susanne Løgstrup

Director, European Heart Network

“The European Heart Network plays a leading role in the prevention and reduction of cardiovascular diseases and communicating its important work to a wider scientific audience is crucial. With its global reach, International Innovation provided the perfect opportunity to showcase the impact of the EHNs work to the international healthcare community. We found the editorial process easy and are very pleased with the final interview.”

Kevin Crowston

Information Technology and People

I was the web editor for IT&P from 1997-2003, then a senior editor. I became a co-Editor in chief in 2008. Of course, then it was MCB.

We’ve had a lot more interaction with the publisher in the last couple years and more attention to marketing, which is good. Getting the journal ISI listed was a positive development and I think one that took a fair amount of work. Being involved with the journal certainly has been positive.